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via Daily Prompt: Compass


Life’s direction is a sometimes a wonderful yet woeful thing.  When we are young we dream the big dream and hope the unimaginable hopes. Yet when we traverse towards adulthood we lose a bit of our dreams, our hopes are tread upon by responsibility and expectation; the harsh reality of that dreadful condition called “grown-up”.  We look back on our lives and wonder “what happened to her? “.  We despair over the choices made and not made, they shaped us into the person we are today, for better or for worse.  Our choices frame our character, our visions, our families and our identity.  Then one day you wake up, look in the mirror you have looked upon for the last 20 years and you don’t recognize yourself or your life and you mourn those dreams and those hopes you had as a little girl.

Now is the time to pick yourself up and to collect the broken shards. Hold them in your hands. Cradle them, cherish them and rediscover them. Reform them into purpose and breathe life back into that which you held most dear when you were small. A time when magic was real and tangible and endless possibilities for your life were just to the second star to the right, and straight on till morning.  Although shattered, they can be pieced together bit by bit until it becomes recognizable again; until you are recognizable again.

At 37 I rediscovered and reimagined my dream and I reshaped my entire life; swam against that current and became the best version of me.  I rediscovered who I was, not who I was told I was nor who the world expected me to be. I patched my dreams back together like a make shift quilt and rediscovered my purpose and my truth and my beauty.

Your dreams are a compass, they guide you. Although your compass may be in shambles, pick it up, dust off all your shame and regret and will them back into being. Let them show you the way to your own truth, your own purpose and your soon and future self.  Your dreams continue to gently whisper in your ear “what about me?”, they are the intuition you feel and the passion you so desperately want to find. Let them fly free again, like the fairies you talked to alone in your bedroom when you were little. Remember, not suppress that which you want most in this life and allow yourself to finally breathe again, to inspire again, to create again and to, most importantly, live again.





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