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Introductions: Redefining Truth

To redefine truth we must first know its meaning, wouldn’t you say? What is truth?  Is it that inner monologue that convinces us of our reality? Is truth the values and lessons we learned from our parents, and teachers? Or is truth something much more visceral and internal? What if I told you that you could will to life your dreams, that inner self that no one sees into reality?  What if you could create entire worlds, families, wars and discoveries out of just your thoughts? You’d think me certifiable, or at the least a tad “touched” as they say.  Wait, wait stay with me; Once upon a time – its as good a place to start as any-  there was a young woman with a very small child.  She had recently transplanted herself, by her own accord and somewhat questionable life choices (especially when it came to Portuguese men) to Scotland.  She spends her days finding ways to support her daughter and herself, a secondary concern albeit, on the meagre welfare allowance provided.   She sat many days, baby carriage adjacent,  in a small cafe. A tall regal building filled the window view – she dreamed.  She dreamed of a hidden world full of goblins, Hippogryphs, Giants, Witches and little boys destined for greatness.  She imagined a castle with levitating candles and secret passageways. She dreamt of a magical world where just one small boy could save both worlds from a dark lord and his cowardly, yet ruthless disciples.   A world that would spark every child’s imagination and transport them to a world full of endless possibilities – much unlike the one that currently surrounded her. She knew that her inconvenient truth, that moment in time,  was not the destination where she knew she could be.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was made reality and made J.K. Rowling a success and her dreams became a reality.  The world full of Muggles and Magicians does exist. It is a real place. Close your eyes and imagine you are there- doesn’t it feel real?

Truth is not that circumstance that we temporarily find ourselves,  based solely on what we were told and taught.  Truth is the worlds we write and dream and the words we create through writing.  It is destiny that we create ourselves much like J.K. Rowling did in her own way and like I did three years ago in my own by writing down who I truly was. It happened – as if through transfiguration magics.

Redefining  Truth is about taking your dreams and your fantasies and making them as real as the pages you will write on.  Where is your writing going to take you? Come with me and explore the world I will create – my world, my rules- my TRUTH.


Much Love,


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