I am a Canadian military veteran who has spent the last 20 years serving Canada and the people that I hold in such high esteem. However after the uniform comes off the fanciful realms and perfectly broken and flawed characters that have inhabit the innerworkings of my mind for as long as I can remember come alive.

To be a writer and a storyteller is more than just a privaliage, it is something that I have been on a winding path to do my entire life. Storytelling allows us an insight into life not as it is necessarily, but how it ought to be; with magic, and love and villans and heros!  I cannot think of a more beautiful nor intamate way to share who I am than to tell the storys that swirl endlessly around in my head. A great place to visit but watch for the crazy redhead that lives there!

I am many things to many people, a wife and a daughter;  a teacher, student, and healer. Let my creative spirit help to create one in you- shine on!

“If there is a story that you want to hear, but it hasn’t been written-then you baby must write it.”- Toni Morrison

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